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Rebecca States

Originally from Hazard, Kentucky, crossover artist Rebecca States combines a one-in-a-million voice with a personality that instantly makes audiences feel at home. Her original music brings together elements of pop, rock, country, and folk styles, and it fuses them with simple, heartfelt lyrics, resulting in a sound that (to quote the words of one fan) "makes your soul smile." States' knack for being at ease in front of a crowd is due in part to her impressive stage résumé -- she is a classically trained singer and actress with a long list of credits, including the original cast albums of two musicals. She has been compared to such artists as Alison Krauss and Deanna Carter, but as soon as they hear her voice, audiences quickly realize that States is one of a kind. She performs both as a soloist (with a single accompanist) and with a back-up band – whichever is appropriate for the occasion and venue. States recently completed her first studio album, Hearts Entwined, which is available for purchase on

Here is a sneak preview of three songs from Hearts Entwined ("Beatin' Like a Drum," "Here We Go," and "Come Closer"):

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